5 Most Overlooked Things When Buying A Home In Tucson

You know the big things to look for when it comes to buying a home. You know to make sure the backyard is the perfect size, you know to make sure there is enough closet space, you know to check the condition of the cabinets and drawers, but do you and your real estate agent know to take a look at these 5, easily missed, items when touring a home?


1. Outlets - We are the most connected generation ever, you’re going to want to make sure every room has enough outlets for you to plug in TVs, phones, tablets, computers, smart home items, watches, appliances, the holiday lights.


2. The air flow to each room - You might have 4 vents in your main living area, but that means the room at the end of the hall might struggle to get as warm or cool as the rest. That might be ok if it’s a room that wont be used too often, like a home office, but if it’s a bedroom or playroom that could be an issue.


3. Sunlight - Are you someone who likes to wake up to a sunny room? Are you someone who doesn’t want to wake up with the hot sun on your heavy blankets? Make sure to figure how the sun is going to effect your house (and your cooling bills).


4. The condition of the yard(s) - Find out whats running under your front yard. If your backyard needs some work take a look at how hard the ground is. You don’t want to go begin to break up some of that dirt and discover you need more expensive equipment to get through the bed of rocks and old cement underneath. You also don’t want to discover you have utility lines directly in the middle of your front yard AFTER you’ve slammed a shovel into them. 


5. Monsoon issues - Monsoon season can be a beautiful relief from scorching summer temperatures here in Tucson, but they can also be a nuisance. Is there a large, stunning, tree close to your house? That might need to come down to save you from future roof damage. Did the previous owner leave a child's play-set or gazebo in the backyard for you? Monsoon storms can easily take those down. They’ll become something you spend a few weekends repairing every year if they are properly secured. 

Charlie BlairBlog, Buyers