5 Tips From New Homeowners

The papers have been signed, your real estate agent has given you the keys, now you’re standing in your first home wondering, “What next?” We’ve all been there as homeowners so below you’ll find some tips from others on what to do with your brand new home. 



1. “Lower your hot water heater to 120 degrees. 120 degrees is perfect for everything you’ll need it for, around your home. Lower it and watch the money evaporate from your energy bill.” - William Tavis


2. “Tackle one project at a time. When we first bought our old house, I tore right into a porch and kitchen remodel and started on a fence. Before I knew it, I had the whole house AND yard torn up. Ultimately it all came together, but there was a lot of added stress with everything going on at once.” - Kirk Pennings


3. “Get a home warranty. We had the seller throw in a home warranty. This saved us from a faulty dishwasher and got us a brand new furnace.” - Larry Gusman


4. “Buy a ring binder and keep insurance papers, repair receipts and all other paperwork pertaining to the house in it. Storing all your house information in one handy place makes life easier for the homeowner and can be a sales 'plus' when selling the house later.” - Debora Emmert


5. “Go through all the breakers in your electrical box and label them. Label the incoming and outgoing pipes, as well as the shut-off valves, for your water and sewer service. Taking a little bit of time now will make it much easier to diagnose and fix any problems that may arise in the future.” - Bob Villa

Charlie Blair