5 Tips from Home Sellers

Are you and your real estate agent trying to do everything you can to make sure you receive the asking price on your home? Are you double, triple, quadruple checking your house so that you can sleep at night knowing potential buyers won’t be able to find a single thing wrong with your home? For extra help take a look at some of the tips a few other sellers are sharing below.



1. “We made a print out to give out at our open house that talked about what our family loved the most about the house. We gave a few tips on the best places to eat nearby and a couple thoughts on the neighbors. It was a personal touch that we, and our realtor, felt was appreciated.”- Iliana Rutten


2. “Our son left for college without taking his huge flat-screen TV so we included that as something we would leave behind for the buyer. That was one less thing the buyer had to worry about purchasing and it felt like a piece of us got to remain in the home. Whether it’s a TV or maybe its the appliances, leaving something behind seems to impress home buyers.” - Anderson Gulledge


3. “I setup up a brunch in the backyard. It seems like the backyard never gets the same staging love that the interior of the home gets so I wanted to give people an idea of what Saturday mornings could look like if they purchased my home. Plus, who doesn’t love pancakes.” - Lida Hibbler


4. “Make sure your kitchen is updated. You can sell your home off of the kitchen alone. You can make 80% of the money, you spend on a kitchen upgrade, back. Buyers will knock money off of their offer if your kitchen is dated.” - Brendon Keesling


5. “Add flowers. Flowers make people happy. They make people think about freshness and newness which is what you’re trying to sell them right? Add a few bright flowers out front, have some on display in the entry way, the kitchen and in the main bathroom.” - Tabatha Bartlow

Charlie Blair